Sara & Chris Are Engaged! (And they brought their dogs….) | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

When Sara and Chris told me they wanted to do an informal shoot in a park near their house, I liked the idea. When Sara and Chris told me they wanted to bring their dogs, which they said were “very badly behaved,” I was…shall we say…less than hopeful.

The dogs were, as promised, very badly behaved. They ran away when they were supposed to come over. They came over when they were supposed to run away. They licked everyone. They licked the camera. Slobber everywhere. Everyone was laughing and rolling in the grass. Most fun I’ve ever had shooting.

The thing I realized about this shoot was that life is not perfect, none of us is perfect, so there’s no reason we should be trying to take pictures of ourselves trying to look perfect. Maybe capturing things, moments, people at their most beautiful is about capturing them as close as you can to the way they really are.

If you’ve gotta get a little dog drool on you in the process, so be it.


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