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I’ve been lucky to shoot production photos a few times for Horizon Theatre Company here in Atlanta.  They’re a small theater that makes great art and really cares about doing it right.  Every time I shoot a play for them, I’m pretty much blown away.  Can you imagine what it’s like having the theater empty except for you and the actors and the director and you get to be on stage taking pictures while the actors run scenes?  It’s pretty wild.

The above shot of the set for True Love Lies by Brad Fraser (the play running at Horizon right now)  is actually eight shots stitched together in Photoshop to make a panorama.  These guys always build awesome sets, and it’s really fun to come in and be surprised by what kind of creative thing they’ve done.

The rest of these pictures are from the photo calls for Black Pearl Sings by Frank Higgins, which was the play Horizon put on before this current one, and more shots from True Love Lies.

Check out Horizon Theatre here.  And if you’re feeling generous, donate to help them keep making great art.  Enjoy!

The incredible Minka Wiltz as Pearl

Cynthia Barrett as Susannah Mullally, and Minka Wiltz as Pearl

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