The Camera Coach

The Camera Coach is your own personal photography tutor!

Great for beginner and intermediate aspiring photographers, The Camera Coach will help you better understand your camera and how to take better pictures.

In our coaching sessions we will talk about how to use YOUR camera (yes, your specific camera, whichever brand/model it is!), and we’ll learn what all the buttons and knobs really do and how they affect your pictures.

As we get acquainted with your camera we’ll also learn the fundamentals of photography, including concepts like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, as well as many composition techniques.  As we progress we’ll experiment with techniques such as depth of focus, and how to conquer bad lighting situations.  We will also touch on the basics of photo editing programs such as iPhoto and Picasa.

More advanced students will practice all of these techniques with more advanced assignments as well as delve into more advanced digital editing and Photoshop techniques.

Bottom line:  You make your class what you want it to be!

THE SINGLE SHOT – One hour of personalized coaching:  $65

THE RAPID FIRE – 5 one hour coaching sessions:  $275

THE LONG EXPOSURE – 10 coaching sessions for $500 AND if you sign up for the full course, you can add additional coaching sessions for $45/hr each.

For more information about The Camera Coach email me!