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Photo Of The Day: At The Pool

It has been stupid cold lately.  Yes, I know it has been colder in lots of other places.  Please try to keep in mind how weak I am in the winter time. This picture is a four shot panorama from my honeymoon last May in Dominican Republic.  I’m sure these shots were taken with a […]


Shannon & Marco | Atlantic Station Engagement Session

I loved this session with Shannon and Marco.  Number one, they were up for all of my schemes for this shoot.  They trudged all over Atlantic Station with me, wore mustaches and fake lips, chewed bubble gum for bubble pictures, and held still while I took a 44 shot panorama of them on that bridge.  […]


Horizon Theatre | Black Pearl Sings | True Love Lies

I’ve been lucky to shoot production photos a few times for Horizon Theatre Company here in Atlanta.  They’re a small theater that makes great art and really cares about doing it right.  Every time I shoot a play for them, I’m pretty much blown away.  Can you imagine what it’s like having the theater empty […]


Pittsburgh Panorama | The Camera Coach

Panoramas are awesome. Let’s talk about ’em. How do you do them? I thought I’d put up a couple of simple ideas and if anyone wants to they can add anything helpful I leave out. The great thing about panoramas is that they’re so dramatic and so much closer to the perspective that the human […]