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Steven, Lisa & Scott In The Park!

Steven just turned one and a half, and he calls me up and says, “Hey Lamkin, I wanna get you out in the park with me and the parents and let’s do something magical.  I’ll chase some bubbles around, play on the slide, you know, bring the cute.  That plays big.  You just do your […]


Levi, Noa, Amy & Will | Atlanta Family Photography

Man oh man, beautiful day, beautiful sunshine, beautiful family. I had such a great time photographing these guys.  The kids, Levi and Noa, are awesome and hilarious and so much fun.  I’m telling you, Levi can swing that baseball bat.  Nothing would satisfy me more than to have a kid I photographed grow up to […]


Meet Enzo!

Enzo is made out of magic! I don’t know if I get lucky, or if kids like getting their pictures taken, or if maybe it’s just me or what, but I’ve seriously lucked out shooting the happiest kids ever this year.  Look at that smile!  Look at that little hat!! Enzo’s parents are Nick and […]


Skinner Family at Historic Archibald Smith Plantation

I’m sure you’ve seen tons of other family portrait sessions lately where the siblings wrestle and hang Silly Bandz from their faces, and the father in the family rides a bronze lion statue because he used to when he was a kid, and everyone is smiling and beautiful.  Here’s another one.  Ho hum… Man, I’m […]


Alex S. Family Session

One of my favorite things about photography is getting to spend time with new, amazing people.  Alex and her fam were just the absolute nicest people, so warm and playful and loving with each other.  And they were so welcoming to us–they even had us stay for dinner!  I just felt so great after shooting […]