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Eliot Bronson | New Pain

Eliot Bronson New Pain // JoshLamkinPhotography.com

Had a great time doing this shoot with rising Americana star Eliot Bronson. We shot in a few locations, including a great rooftop, but there was something about


Eliot Bronson |Comin’ For Ya North Georgia Blues

Singer-Songwriter Eliot Bronson at my dining room table, 2014.



I’m pretty honored to have this portrait I took of singer-songwriter Eliot Bronson on the front page of his website, and his facebook page, and on the inside cover of his brand new album, Milwaukee.  Pretty awesome, right!?  Maybe not literally awesome, but it brings me happiness nonetheless. I shot the cover for his first […]


Eliot Rocketh

Eliot Bronson, ladies and gentlefellows.  My favorite musician. His new album Blackbirds drops soon, and it is totally great.  I did the photography for the album, and as such, have been provided with what is known in the industry as an “advance copy” of the record.  I’m not trying to brag, but it’s pretty cool […]


Eliot Bronson | Blackbirds

“Sometimes there’s a man . . . well, he’s the man for his time and place.” –From the movie The Big Lebowski, which you probably didn’t know is about Eliot Bronson. This Eliot Bronson fella?  He’s good stuff. I could talk about Eliot for way longer than you’d probably want to hear.  To put it […]