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Photo Of The Day: Shadow On The Bank

PHOTO INFO:  ISO 200  f/8  1/800th I took this when I was on a photo walk during a class with one of my Camera Coach students, Bill.  (Bill is rockin’ that camera now, btw…)  We loved this shadow on the wall of a bank in downtown Decatur.  I’m such a huge fan of taking photo […]


Linck. Is. The. Man.

Ladies, meet Linck.  Linck and I have been friends since we were like 19.   We went to college together.  I won’t say we’ve gotten in a ton of trouble together, but I also won’t say we’ve gotten in less than a lot of trouble together.  I’m trying to think of a story I can […]


Meet Enzo!

Enzo is made out of magic! I don’t know if I get lucky, or if kids like getting their pictures taken, or if maybe it’s just me or what, but I’ve seriously lucked out shooting the happiest kids ever this year.  Look at that smile!  Look at that little hat!! Enzo’s parents are Nick and […]


Early Morning Decatur With Author Steve Bradshaw

Meet Steve Bradshaw, author of the upcoming book Dear Diane: Letters From The First Gulf War, and a heckuva nice guy.  Steve needed portrait shots for his book and its accompanying panoply of promotional products.  Steve was totally not afraid to take me up on my offer to start a photo shoot at 7am on […]


It Can’t Snow All The Time

Really, I don’t mean to be a pest or seem joyless, but I’m over snow and over Winter.  But, in my quest to accept the things I cannot change, I present to you a couple of pictures I took of snow. Below: Snow on a tiki torch, downtown Decatur, GA Below: Snow Couple we found […]