Photo Of The Day: Peace In The City

I took this photo in New York City last year.  I love New York.  Doesn’t everyone?

I used to be terrified of big cities.  The first time I ever went to a big city and didn’t feel afraid was in New York City, November 2001.  It was a unique time to be in NYC.  People were different in that time right after September 11th.  Everyone seemed a bit more open, a bit more neighborly.  The edge came off of the big city for a bit there, and New York was actually a really nice place to be.  It was sad and a little scary, but it was kind of nice too.  It won me over, and now I go back as often as I can, which isn’t often enough.

Today, I’m remembering the things I love about New York City.  I hope the  healing we’re all doing continues, and I hope the thoughts and feelings we feel when we remember the events of September 11th lead us to thoughts of peace so we can all learn to be better neighbors.

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