Skinner Family at Historic Archibald Smith Plantation

I’m sure you’ve seen tons of other family portrait sessions lately where the siblings wrestle and hang Silly Bandz from their faces, and the father in the family rides a bronze lion statue because he used to when he was a kid, and everyone is smiling and beautiful.  Here’s another one.  Ho hum…

Man, I’m a huge Skinner family fan.  Such nice people, and total troopers in the 95 degree heat (acknowledgments to the efforts of my assistant Susan as well ;o) ).  We shot at Roswell’s Historic Archibald Smith Plantation, which has been an important part of the Skinner family for many many years.  I got the personalized tour before we shot, and I have to say it really was wonderful to shoot at such a meaningful place for the family.  Even if it was super hot.  Did I mention that?

Everyone got really into all of my sometimes weird ideas, and were even bigger fans of both my technique for keeping your eyes open while having your pictures taken and my technique for smiling when you don’t think you can get a good smile going.  That last one is irresistible.  I promise.  Oh and Mr. Skinner’s brother happened to be one of my college professors, and everyone was really impressed that I survived it.  Kidding.

I know I say it every time, but I’m so lucky to have a job where I get to spend time taking pictures of awesome people.




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