Atlanta Photographers Guild: Krista & Justin

I went to my first Atlanta Photographers Guild meeting the other night. It was really cool. A bunch of photographers get together every other week and shoot a couple of models in various states of grace. This week there were two models there for us to shoot and they were both fantastic. I was a bit out of my element since there were so many photographers around shooting at the same time. I kind of had to jostle for my spot with other photographers, and that’s kind of not my style so it was a challenge.

Krista was almost too beautiful. It really kind of made me nervous. She was such a good poser and on-command smiler that I kind of felt like she was just sort of messing with everyone. Not really–she was so nice. I loved her mask!

Justin was really cool and chilled out, and when I saw his crazy boy scout uniform, I immediately knew he’d be up for, say, biting a fake snake out in the middle of the road while a storm gathered in the background….

I like this last shot because it’s blurry and still works for me. I did some retro- processing on it to make it look kind of older and warmer. It reminds me of that Don Henley song “Boys Of Summer.”


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