Ariail & Oliver!

These kids were a riot!  You never know if kids are going to be shy when you first meet them, and honestly you never know how verbal kids are at whatever age.  These two?  Talkers.  So so precocious and hilarious.  The first thing we did was sit on the steps and talk about our favorite pizza.  That first picture is actually when I started messing around with them and told them my favorite pizza topping was chocolate brownies.

This shoot was a blast.  Ariail and Oliver are my new best friends.  Enjoy!

Atlanta Kids Portrait Photographers laughing brother sister


Sarah & Jim | Archibald Smith Plantation Wedding


Kids + Popsicles + Shades = Summer | Atlanta Fun Kids Photography!

Since I’m missing summertime already, I thought I’d post this shoot because it’s so summery and fun.  My favorite thing is just hanging out with kids and photographing them just being themselves.  Kids are so natural, so unselfconscious.  I love it.  These kids are so wonderful and just crack me up.  Enjoy!

black and white cute baby
Kids sharing popsicle

My Name Is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok | Theatrical Outfit

One of my ten favorite books is Chaim Potok’s My Name Is Asher Lev, so I was particularly excited that Atlanta’s supercool theater company Theatrical Outfit was putting on Aaron Posner’s play adaptation of the book last month.  I was even more excited because I do the promo and archival photography for the plays at Theatrical Outfit–see where I’m going with this?

Actors Nick Arapoglou, Brian Kurlander, and Lane Carlock did a fantastic job.  The play is so full of drama and intensity.  As intense as this play is, though, I have never laughed harder during a shoot as I did during this one.  Usually while we’re running parts of scenes to get photos, the actors are fully in the scene saying the lines from the play.  These guys were cracking all kinds of jokes and trying to make each other laugh.  They were making up new lines and just being hilarious.  It was clear there was a great camaraderie among the three actors.  Pretty cool.

If you’ve never seen a play at Theatrical Outfit, you really should check it out.  And read My Name Is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok!  Enjoy!

Nick Arapoglou My Name Is Asher Lev


I’m pretty honored to have this portrait I took of singer-songwriter Eliot Bronson on the front page of his website, and his facebook page, and on the inside cover of his brand new album, Milwaukee.  Pretty awesome, right!?  Maybe not literally awesome, but it brings me happiness nonetheless.

I shot the cover for his first album and was proud of my use of fake birds in that one.  We had a great time on this shoot in an abandoned lot that Eliot found in the middle of a neighborhood in Decatur.  We lugged this table and chair out into the tall grass and weeds right as the sun went down behind the trees.  There was a bit of excitement earlier in the day trying to procure an old typewriter at the last minute, and I still have a borrowed one in my front closet.  (Lara, sorry I still haven’t give you that back.)

I’m sure Eliot’s new record will explode a huge, beautiful rockblast into the ears of the world.  Feast your ojos on this here picture.  And go check out Milwaukee, released on October 16th!

Atlanta Portrait Photographer musician Eliot Bronson Milwaukee