Atlanta Theater Photography

One of my favorite parts of my photography work I do here in Atlanta is theater photography. I work with theaters and shoot images for their promotional and archival production photos.  I’ve been doing it for a few years now, and it’s just fantastic.  I love being a part, in some small way, of getting a play put together.  Everyone has their job in the theater, and everyone respects everyone else’s expertise.  It’s like a giant living organism that makes art.

I shoot these pictures while the action is happening, and often I’m running around on stage to get the shot while the scene is running.  I like to do the shoots “live” like that so that the images feel more real, more like a captured moment.  It’s a challenge, and it’s really fun.  I’ve gotten to work with some amazingly talented people over the years doing this, and I always look forward to the next play I get to photograph.  Enjoy!

Red Jimmy Kocina Tom Key theatrical outfit John Logan Mark Rothko
My Name Is Asher Lev Nick Papagalou Chaim Potok Aaron Posner


Personal | Just A Car

1990 Nissan Maxima

I remember the day I came home and saw that my dad had bought this car.   It was 1990.  We pulled up the driveway and there it was.  We were so impressed–it had air conditioning, a stereo, electric windows and door locks, totally rad keyless entry, and it smelled fantastic.  The only other car I’d known that my dad had owned in my lifetime was …CONTINUE READING»

Photo Of The Day: Shades

sunglasses funny

Stephanie at Oktoberfest in Helen, GA.  I wanted to call this “Beer Goggles,” but beer didn’t make her this way–this is just how my friends and I are all the time.

Sophia & Olivia Are Sisters!

You might remember Olivia from a super-summery session from a while back.  Well meet her brand new sister Sophia!  My wife Kalli shot most of this session–hooray Team Lamkin!  Hope you like these cutie pies.  Enjoy!

Atlanta Newborn Photography cute baby girl


Photo Of The Day: At The Pool

It has been stupid cold lately.  Yes, I know it has been colder in lots of other places.  Please try to keep in mind how weak I am in the winter time.

This picture is a four shot panorama from my honeymoon last May in Dominican Republic.  I’m sure these shots were taken with a drink in my hand, which I think makes this pretty impressive.

Wish I were there…..

Pool panorama dominican republic paradise