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Had a blast today shooting Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Amy Lashley. It was kind of a crappy day for other things like water skiing or sunbathing but the cloudy, kind-of-cold thing actually worked great for taking some pictures.

We walked around the Cabbagetown neighborhood where Amy lives (yeah, I do house calls…I know–awesome) and found a few really great spots to shoot. I’m not sure if the standing-in-front-of-a-graffiti-wall thing is overdone, but I really loved how Amy just owned it in the shot above. I also love the juxtaposition between that graffiti and the tattoo on her chest. And I love red. (PHTOGRAPHER NERDOUT NOTE: There was a big tree behind Amy in this shot that I had to remove in Photoshop because it looked like it was growing out of the top of her head. Always check your frame to make sure you don’t do stuff like that–it’ll save you lots of time!)

We found this great door on a house that was RIGHT UP on the sidewalk so I sat Amy down and took a few shots. Amy really didn’t want to take pictures here because it was someone’s front door step. The people who were in the house were suspiciously looking out the window at us the whole time, but I didn’t tell Amy.


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