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Photo Of The Day: It’s Coming

Sigh…  We were at the park and it was beautiful.  Then I noticed this leaf and I fell into a deep depression that could only be cured by eating thirty-eight Andes Candies.  Why again do we have to have Winter? Don’t miss a thing. Click HERE to subscribe to this blog via Email


Photo Of The Day: Peter Is A Baby!

Photo Info:  ISO 200 f/6.3 1/25th +0.6EV I was looking through some old stuff of mine and found this.  I feel like it was one of the very first pictures I took with a DLSR…but I’m not sure it was.  I do remember feeling like this was one of the first good pictures I’d taken […]


Photo Of The Day: Indigo Girls

Another rule breaker today for the Photo Of The Day.  Two photos.  Last night I shot the Indigo Girls show at Eddie’s Attic.  These are just two quick shots without much done to them…just wanted to share.  Indigo Girls are two of my very favorites, and it was just incredible to be right there under […]


Photo Of The Day: Four of Phoenix

Photo Info:  All shots ISO 1600 50mm f/1.8 and either 1/60th, 1/80th or 1/125th (you can probably guess which is which on the shutter speed) I love the band Phoenix.   We went and saw them at the Tabernacle in Atlanta when they came back in April and it was awesome.  So it’s more like four […]


Photo Of The Day: Game On!

Photo Info: Taken with my old Canon SD450 point-and-shoot in manual mode.  I metered for the sky and it looked like this. This was during a rain delay at a Braves game in 2008.  We waited through the delay and got to see this weird orange sunset.  And then the Braves beat the Mets.  The […]