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Photo Of The Day: Not Your Bed

PHOTO INFO:  ISO 200  f/2.8  1/40th It’s not your bed, the cat just lets you use it.


Photo Of The Day: My Seasons Are All Wonky

PHOTO INFO:  (left) ISO 100  f/2.8  1/1250th  -1.7EV  (right)  ISO 100  f/5.6  1/125th  -0.3EV I don’t know why I’d forgotten about these photos.  They were taken on another photo walk with one of my Camera Coach students in downtown Decatur.  It was the middle of November, and everything was so Autumn-y and beautiful.  The light […]


Photo Of The Day: Shadow On The Bank

PHOTO INFO:  ISO 200  f/8  1/800th I took this when I was on a photo walk during a class with one of my Camera Coach students, Bill.  (Bill is rockin’ that camera now, btw…)  We loved this shadow on the wall of a bank in downtown Decatur.  I’m such a huge fan of taking photo […]


Photo Of The Day: Moonrise Winter

PHOTO INFO:  f/8  1/400th  ISO 200  50mm I hope this photo doesn’t look too menacing.  I make no secret of my disdain for winter, it’s true, but I still like to get out there and try to find the beauty in winter.  Even if it is super painful to be out in it all.  It’s […]


Photo Of The Day: Wallflower

Photo Info:  ISO 1600 1/60th  f/3.5 -=-   This is actually the light shining on my living room wall from a strand of holiday lights.  You probably guessed that, though.