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Photo Of The Day: Across The River

This is a panorama of just a few shots I took looking across the East River at Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park (I think that’s what it’s called).  


Photo Of The Day: Shades

Stephanie at Oktoberfest in Helen, GA.  I wanted to call this “Beer Goggles,” but beer didn’t make her this way–this is just how my friends and I are all the time.


Photo Of The Day: At The Pool

It has been stupid cold lately.  Yes, I know it has been colder in lots of other places.  Please try to keep in mind how weak I am in the winter time. This picture is a four shot panorama from my honeymoon last May in Dominican Republic.  I’m sure these shots were taken with a […]


Photo Of The Day: Peace In The City

I took this photo in New York City last year.  I love New York.  Doesn’t everyone? I used to be terrified of big cities.  The first time I ever went to a big city and didn’t feel afraid was in New York City, November 2001.  It was a unique time to be in NYC.  People […]


Photo Of The Day: Grapefruit Moon

Is it too late to post a picture of that huge moon that was out last weekend?  I actually heard it was only 1/4000th of a percent closer to Earth than normal, but who cares.  It was fun to get all excited about. PHOTO INFO:  ISO 100  f/7.1  1/125th  200mm