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When you’re going to have a kid they say you’re expecting, and that’s such a good word for it. For so long all you do is prepare and anticipate and think about what life will be like, what the baby will be like. It gets to be so abstract after a while that by the […]


We Are Iron Chefs! | Oakhurst Kitchen

We’re iron chefs!  My wife and I entered a recipe for Sweet Potato and Fuji Apple Soup into a recipe contest, and we won!  We feel pretty important.  Thought I’d share the recipe if you want to try it out. UPDATE: I’ve moved this recipe to our new food blog Oakhurst Kitchen.  Check it out […]


Personal | Just A Car

I remember the day I came home and saw that my dad had bought this car.   It was 1990.  We pulled up the driveway and there it was.  We were so impressed–it had air conditioning, a stereo, electric windows and door locks, totally rad keyless entry, and it smelled fantastic.  The only other car I’d […]


My Honeymoon

Yep, I got married.  There’s a reason getting married is so popular.  It’s awesome.  We went to Dominican Republic for our honeymoon.  Here are some pics.


60th Surprise

We had a surprise party for my stepdad’s 60th birthday. It was pretty cool. These kids are my nieces and nephews. They’re awesome. And this isn’t even all of them. My niece Olivia is super into music so that’s her playing the tennis racket like a guitar. We also played the piano a bit too. […]