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Leon Redbone at Eddie’s Attic

Leon Redbone.  I hope I’m this cool when I’m old.  Leon Redbone is like the grandfather you wish you had.  He tells little cute, schtick-y jokes all the time, and is basically constantly entertaining.  And he is the only guy out there I know of who seems like a true ambassador of the Delta Blues […]


Paula Cole at Eddie’s Attic

Everyone probably knows the theme song to the erstwhile teen drama Dawson’s Creek, and maybe a lot of people know it was Paula Cole who wrote and performed the song, but did you know that the cast of Dawson’s Creek rode to the set every day on the backs of blindingly bright white, stately unicorns?  […]


Kristian Bush of Sugarland At Eddie’s Attic

Kristian Bush of the mega-popular group Sugarland (also formerly of the completely awesome duo Billy Pilgrim) rocked two great, intimate shows at Eddie’s Attic.  Bush played and shared the stage with collaborator and friend Troy Bieser of the band Telegram.  I think it was pretty much the coolest thing ever for fans of such a […]


Photo Of The Day: Indigo Girls

Another rule breaker today for the Photo Of The Day.  Two photos.  Last night I shot the Indigo Girls show at Eddie’s Attic.  These are just two quick shots without much done to them…just wanted to share.  Indigo Girls are two of my very favorites, and it was just incredible to be right there under […]


Photo Of The Day: Four of Phoenix

Photo Info:  All shots ISO 1600 50mm f/1.8 and either 1/60th, 1/80th or 1/125th (you can probably guess which is which on the shutter speed) I love the band Phoenix.   We went and saw them at the Tabernacle in Atlanta when they came back in April and it was awesome.  So it’s more like four […]