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I’m pretty honored to have this portrait I took of singer-songwriter Eliot Bronson on the front page of his website, and his facebook page, and on the inside cover of his brand new album, Milwaukee.  Pretty awesome, right!?  Maybe not literally awesome, but it brings me happiness nonetheless. I shot the cover for his first […]


Shawn Mullins at Eddie’s Attic

Man, Shawn Mullins rocks.  Everyone probably knows Shawn from his mega-hit “Lullaby.”  You know it: “Ev-uh-REE-thi-ing’s gonna be all right / rockabye…”  So awesome. It’s always a pleasure to photograph shows for Eddie’s Attic, and Eddie’s is the perfect place to see Shawn.  If you haven’t ever seen Shawn Mullins live, you are missing out […]


The Chapin Sisters | Eddie’s Attic

Chapin Sisters Eddie's Attic

The Chapin Sisters really brought the old school folk vibe back to Eddie’s Attic.  I thought that was pretty cool.  As you might expect from sisters, their harmonies are just perfect, like their voices were made from the same stuff, meant to be heard together.  I’m a pushover for great harmonies so I dug it.  […]


Deep River | Eddie’s Attic

Deep River, people.  I loved ’em.  Singers Rachel Beauregard and Brian Dawley are incredibly good singers and their voices sound perfect together.  The singing/harmonizing performance is the reason to see this trio from the Washington, DC, area.  The songs, mostly written by songwriter/guitarist Luke Brindley, fit perfectly with the band’s strengths.  They’re kind of folky, […]


The Wilderness Of Manitoba | Eddie’s Attic

This might sound strange to say, but I feel like everyone from Canada I’ve ever met was so relaxed and friendly and immune to stress.  The Wilderness Of Manitoba play music like that:  groovy, chill, slathered with harmonies, kind of folky, kind of ambient.  They’re easy to like.  Check ’em out!