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Jennifer & Bobby: Ceremony and Reception | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Fabulous Fox Theatre

Jennifer & Bobby’s Wedding was at The Fabulous Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA. What a fun wedding. Everything from the ceremony to DEFINITELY the reception was so fun. I don’t know who busted out the star sunglasses, but I’m almost surprised they didn’t make their way into the ceremony. ________ Want to get in touch with […]


Jennifer & Bobby: Before Showtime | Atlanta Wedding Photogapher | Fabulous Fox Theatre

It’s so fun to be “backstage” at a wedding and to feel all the emotions and nervous energy. It’s always interesting to see what everyone does when they’re a little nervous and excited. Jennifer and Bobby and their attendants all kind of clowned around, which was really fun. ________ Want to get in touch with […]


Jennifer & Bobby: The Girls at Spencer Malay Salon | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

The girls got their hair and makeup done at Spencer Malay Salon and really got the full-service treatment. Everyone was so quiet and peaceful. Calm before the storm? ________ Want to get in touch with me? Email me: LAMKINATOR@GMAIL.COM


Sundari Mendhi Ceremony | Atlanta Indian Wedding

Mendhi is a bridal purification ceremony in which the bride (and often her wedding attendants and friends) gets henna tattoos on her hands, arms feet, and legs. The richness of color that the henna leaves after it gets washed off (the next day) is supposed to signify how much the bride’s husband will love her. […]